go (peacetreaty remix)

Here is a massive PeaceTreaty Remix that Benny Benassi dropped at White Wonderland. Brings me right back.

Go (PeaceTreaty Remix) – Diplo & Oliver Twizt

Also check out my friends over at Sempersonic and their recap of White Wonderland here.

On a sadder note, I received news yesterday that the Music Box in Hollywood will be closed. I am SO SAD :( I had some of the best memories at that venue, and I will never forget seeing Nero’s epic set just two weeks ago. The thought that I may never get to set foot in that venue ever again is just unfathomable. Here’s a link to the article. I guess there are rumors that Goldenvoice is going to take over the theater, which I hope is true!

In other news, Coachella posted this photo on their Twitter & Facebook profiles, so techno heads tell your friends, CHELLA Lineup is out next week!!! Keep your eyes & ears out, you don’t wanna be the one that doesn’t have a ticket.

Happy first weekend of 2012, party on everyone.

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